Customer Feedback

That has solved my problem and I have now connected my device to the app.
Thank you both for your help.
Todd.  30 April 2024

Thanks so much Jason,
Excellent service
Kind Regards
Bob Dowen  25 April 2024

Wow! You are good.
The batteries fixed it. I had put a mixed set of batteries in. All working now.
Cheers and thanks
Rob   22 April 2024

Again thanks for the fast response – great customer service.
Have a great day.
Ed Nind  13 March 2024

Thanks Jason, that’s really helpful.
We will look at ordering the one you have suggested below – many thanks.
Belinda   23 February 2024

very prompt reply to emails, good advise & service
Tim Burton-Taylor 13 February 2024

Got very good response from Sales Service.
Robert Smillie 10 February 2024

Website was very easy to use, nice change from some other websites.
Linda Richards 20 January 2024

Thank you so much for getting back to me, that’s great feedback.  Have ordered two units.
Have a great day!
Richard O'Brien 16 January 2024

Morning, thanks Bob for all your help. Have a great Christmas.
Trudi 13 December 2023

I don't think you can I've always had helpful staff with every enquiry i have made.Keep up the good work.Kindest regards Ben.
Ben Stolk 20 November 2023

Thanks again mate and appreciate everything you have done this year.
Best Regards,
Daniel McGaffin  December 13, 2022

You are a legend Jason! Works perfectly now. Thanks so much for your help
Leanne August 15, 2022

The clock was delivered very quickly I would like to thank you for the good service
My wife is very grateful for this product that is helping her through a difficult time as she is losing her eyesight
Ken Saunders 27-Jul-2022

Hi Bob and Jennifer,
Replacement weather station arrived earlier today – just unpacked from wrapping and looks intact – haven’t opened it yet.
Thank you very much for the supreme service you’ve given me.  I’ll get the wind sensor down and pack it all up this weekend.  I’ll get it off to you early next week per below.  Will let you know when it’s sent and send tracking number.  
Stay safe, Tom.
Tom Mills
Tom.  26 July 2022

Love your work. Many thanks for letting me know.
Kind regards,
Tom.  25 July 2022

Thank you Bob, that is great news. I will definitely make it far more vermin proof now that I know.
The address you have listed is correct.
Thanks for all your help in this matter. I will be telling friends and family about the great after-sales service you have provided
Cheers...Ian  23 June 2022

Very pleased with the product display, information and ordering process. Perhaps consider adding PayPal as a method of payment. Thank you, and have a great day.
Dennis   Thursday, 9 June 2022

Hi Bob, thanks for your very detailed response … it makes perfect sense now … looks like I need the new sensors that run on 915Mhz.
Thanks again Bob.
Much appreciated.
Benny Wong    Tue 7/June/2022

Thank you for organising the replacement rain gauge. All is working perfectly now.
I appreciate your assistance.
Thank you.
Marlene Thornton   Tue 10/05/2022

Just a quick note to let you know that the replacement sensor seems to be working fine,
Installed in same position and showing full bars of reception for 2 weeks now.
Thanks for your quick response in replacing the other unit.
Graham.   Wed 4/05/2022

I am impressed that I got a response. Positive feedback! Probably from my end, I am only looking for an appliance that can give me the temperature in my roof space do I can decide whether I can be bothered to construct a form of ducting to push the warm air down into our living space in winter… I think the basic one I chose will allow me to know the roof space temperature to determine whether I will bother. Thanks for your response.
Pete  Friday, 6 May 2022 9:14 PM

Hi Jason,
My order via your warehouse arrived promptly and safely this morning.  I just wanted to say thanks for the great service from you and your colleagues.
Kind regards. 
Ken Owen.  February 3, 2022

Hi Jason,
This unit arrived this morning after just 3 business days from Auckland to Perth...impressive!
I had it up & running in no time so all good, thus far. 🤞
Thanks again with best regards for 2022,
Julian  January 4, 2022

Thank you for your prompt response and to your whole team for an excellent customer experience.
Regards Fiona December 18, 2021

Absolute legend, thanks heaps mate.
Best Regards,
Daniel McGaffin December 18, 2021

Many thanks! Your customer service focus is commendable!
Karen November 5, 2021

Thanks for getting back to me. That link you provided me was perfect, it allowed me to get around using the app and talk to the console directly. After a bit of fiddling I managed to get it connected and have realised my Oppo mobile phone might have been the one causing connection issues. Now its all working!
Thanks again for your help.
Cheyne October 23, 2021

Hello Jason,
That is fantastic, very good service.  I’m sure Nathan, Manager of Clutha Vets in Milton will be very happy also.  Thanks again.
Best regards Paletza September 20, 2021

Thanks so much for your quick response Lacrosse team. I really appreciate your help.
Sandra July 19, 2021

Thank you for your fast response.
Best regards
Alexander Christou July 14, 2021

Jason from La Crosse handled the issue in a professional manner and took care of everything. We also spoke on the phone at first, also very positive and professional support experience. I was amazed (these days this is so rare) by the high standard of care and feel confident in ordering more products and sensors (that by the way all work well, I have 7 additional sensors, the App though is another story and not relevant to this review) All in all, I thought this experience to be worthy of a 5 star positive review. Any business that operates this way deserves to be congratulated and potential new customers should know how good this company is! Thanks, Jason and your La Crosse help team at Sydney head office.
Kind regards,
Aymeric April 11, 2021

Hi Bob,
Just wish to thank you and your co-workers for the swift response to my claim and upgrade. I can report that the new gauge was received promptly and is now in use, if only you could supply some rain as well. Thanks once again.
Cheers Shane  February 28, 2021

Hi Team,
Thank-you for your assistance. I have ordered the new part and my son will be very happy to receive it. We are preparing for another snowstorm here!
In appreciation,
Karen  February 19, 2021

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your help with this plug.  It arrived today and works well.  I was on the verge of sending the weather station back, but with your help you saved me a lot of time and you saved my sanity.
Thanks again, Love the big screen and the big numbers, I don't have to wear my glasses to read it.
Stay safe, I shall recommend your company.
Regards..... Josie  February 10, 2021

Good afternoon Bob,
Thank you for your reply.
Things have settled down here. Fires out, storms over and consistent power.
I appreciate your interest in solving my issue/s.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you or your company to anyone wishing to purchase a weather station on line.
Regards, Phil.   February 9, 2021

Attention Tesa Help
Dear Bob,
Thanks for your patience.  I have read the information on the Australian web site and confirm the information you shared with me over the phone.
I will need to climb on the roof to re-orientate the wind and rain sensor to the south.
I apologise for my mood.
Regards Philip,  January 26, 2021

Hi Guys
I’d like to thank you for your amazingly fast and efficient service
On the 23 Dec I ordered the LaCross V40A PWS
This arrived from Pack and Send 29th Dec
Chris Murray,   January 6, 2021

Hi Jason ...the new outdoor sensor arrived today and so far so good ...thank you for your prompt help on this ...much appreciated...merry Christmas...John Gagliardi
John Gagliardi  December 21, 2020

I received my purchase today the replacement bucket is working perfectly.
Thank you for sending Star Track as only took 2 days to arrive in Far Nth QLD
I am glad I have found your website as living in the Tropics I have many of your products and especially love the 915 MHz units.
Regards David McGuinness   May 1, 2019

Hi Jason,
I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful customer service I have experienced dealing with you/ your company.
From the moment I contacted you on the phone seeking advice on which unit to purchase to difficulties in placing the order your customer service and willingness to assist has been exemplary.
I am also grateful for you ensuring the parcel was dispatched promptly it arrived today in time for my husband's birthday and he loved it and was looking at your website for add ons.
It is rare to get such wonderful customer service so thank you, I certainly will be be recommending your business to all family and friends.
Kind Regards

Christine Barber March 12, 2019

Hi Bob,
Just letting you know the weather station turned up today. Thank you so much for your help over the past couple of weeks!

Hi Lacrosse
The weather station was a gift in 2009 from my daughter who was living in the U.S. at the time – which gels with your information
As you suggested, I used light grade sand paper on the TX37-IT terminals, waited half an hour before installing the batteries (Varta – made in Germany) & ….hey presto we were back in business!
Many thanks for your informed advice and prompt reply. It is a pleasure to encounter such exemplary service – a rare commodity these days.
Regards, Noel Hukins

hey Mate - it arrived today - just want to say thanks for the quick service and excellent delivery - Jon Kelly

Hi Bob,
The unit is working normally now with the new adaptor.
Thank you for your prompt action, it is appreciated.
Regards, Laurie

Hi Support,
THANK YOU We are all systems GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whatever it was, it's fixed.
Regards, Liz and Tony.

Thank you for your quick response, it was appreciated.
Murray Neave

Hi Bob
Finally stopped raining for long enough for me to get out and reset the devices as you directed.
No problems - display came up almost immediately. Have taken the display section back into the house & outdoor readings are still there and changing so looks like it is back to normal operations now.
Thanks for your expert advice. Cheers, Don

Dear Bob
Thanks for your prompt reply and advice.
You'll be pleased to know that on taking your directions, the sensor is now working faultlessly. I had been using the appropriate batteries and had tested them and checked the contact points too. It therefore appears that the removal of the batteries for at least 20 minutes before reinstallation was the key to setting things right.
Pleasingly, I have set up a scientific thermometer adjacent to the sensor to check the sensor's accuracy and it measures up very well, no more (and probably less) than a tenth of a degree at 20°C. So thanks very much for your help, it is much appreciated.
Sincerely, Rod Bashford

Thanks Bob at support,
Success, looks like it may have been a battery issue. Was it just coincidence with that storm?
The info you supplied did the trick.
Thanks so much for your help.
I have saved all this detail on the PC
Cheers, Neil

Hi Bob & Rochelle,
Pleased to advise the second alarm clock and adapter has been received this morning by courier.
This very fast response is great service.
Many thanks,

VIcky Thorne  (July 14, 2017)

Hi La Crosse team
Finally stopped raining for long enough for me to get out and reset the devices as you directed.
No problems - display came up almost immediately.
Thanks for your expert advice

Don Braden (June 2, 2017)

Thank you so much for your reply.  
Yesterday I decided that the best way was to remove batteries and completely restart both the remote and sensor.   All worked well after following you advice.
Thank You for helping

Sue Staub (May 31, 2017)

Hello there,
Thanks for your prompt reply and advice.
You'll be pleased to know that on taking your directions, the sensor is now working faultlessly.
Pleasingly, I have set up a scientific thermometer adjacent to the sensor to check the sensor's accuracy
and it measures up very well, no more (and probably less) than a tenth of a degree at 20°C.
So thanks very much for your help, it is much appreciated.

Rod Bashford (May 21, 2017 )

Thanks, You guys are awesome.
Enjoy your day.

Susie Raymont (April 04, 2017 )

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your assistance and the WS1151 weather station functions are great.
The barometric pressure is showing  996.4 hpa and the forecast icons at the top are showing cloud on the right side.  Two sets of arrows pointing to the left (and flashing)   and the left side is showing cloud and rain (also flashing).  Cheers,

Jason K (29 March 2017)

Hi accounts
I understand now. There are two websites operating in Australia with similar names.   
At least your payment method was secure.
I will remember to use the com website in future.

Steven (March 28, 2017 )

Hi Team
Once again thanks for your prompt response.  GREAT NEWS! Everything is working.
Thanks again for all your help.

John (23 March 2017 )

Replacement WS1516IT system received, installed and all working well.
Many thanks for the awesome service.

Cheers, Ian Woods. (15 Mar. 2017)

Thanks for that.
Installed the WS2355 unit- its great!
Really pleased with it

Brian Pringer (2/03/2017)

Great !!
308-2314 Weather Kit delivered Friday afternoon and installed by this afternoon. All working as expected.
Great setup video
Thanks for your help.

Rob Edgardo (14 Jan 2017)

Thanks Bob for the prompt response.

Garth (Dec 14, 2016 )

Thank you Lacrosse for one of the quickest replies I have ever had from a business...KUDOS TO YOU !!!!!
I shall undertake the suggestions and report back asap.

Regards, John (29/11/2016)

Excellent news! Wind reading is now working.
Noted the tip from your attachment to remove batteries and press any button twenty times to remove any previous data.  This was the only step I had not tried previously.
So I removed all batteries and pressed 20 times as instructed. Then left overnight.
Went back to it this morning and did the usual setup sequence. Everything working beautifully. Left it a couple of hours before confirming with you but all still looks good.
Thank you for your support. Love my WS1081 weather station and so pleased all up and going again.

Donna Dalling (November 27, 2016 )

Hello Bob
Wireless Rain Station arrived, installed, and working well.  Thanks again to Lacrosse and you personally for finally solving my problems!
Our house is now on the market and we aim to be settled in the Bay of Islands NZ before next winter.   
I’ll let you know once we are settled and would welcome a visit from you when you are next back home.
Best regards

Dennis O'Brien (2 Nov. 2016)

Thank you very much Team. Great services. I will recommend your business to the world.
Best regards

Gerard Maille (11 October 2016 )

Thank you for trying.  I appreciated you investigating and providing very helpful advice.  
Kind regards,

Melissa.  (20 July 2016)