Get More out of Your Batteries with the Battery Tester Checker from La Crosse Technology

Do you regularly replace the batteries in your portable electronics? While batteries aren’t expensive or hard to find, it can be incredibly frustrating to buy them repeatedly when you feel like your existing batteries should be lasting longer more .

Keep Yourself, Your Work Team and Your Family Safe with a Lightning Detector

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, then you need to have a system in place to protect against potential lightning strikes. While you might think that the chances of being struck by lightning are remote, that doesn’t mean they are more .

Stay Safe Outdoors This Summer with a Portable Handheld Lightning Detector

‘It could never happen to me.’ Those six words represent the assumption that almost everyone makes about lightning strikes. We hear horror stories of people getting hit by lightning, but we don’t think the same thing could ever befall us or our friends more .

Learn More about the Weather with a Professional Wireless Weather Station from La Crosse Technology

Whether you are studying meteorology, reporting on the weather for a news station, or monitoring local weather patterns for reasons that pertain to your day-to-day business, you need the right equipment for the task. A professional wireless weather more .

Set Up a Home Weather Station in Australia and Put Your Mind at Ease

Have you been considering a household barometer for your property in Australia? If so, you’re on the right track. In a country known all over the world for its frequently harsh and unpredictable climate, a home weather station can be a major more .

Satisfy Your Inner Weather Enthusiast with a TESA Weather Pro Station

Predicting the weather isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t stop countless people all over the world from trying. Still, maybe you don’t have a high degree of trust in your local weather reporter. You’d be forgiven for saying so—after all, we’ve all more .

Portable Weather Station from La Crosse Technology

La Crosse Technology has been providing weather equipment for over 27 years. We strive to remain industry leaders by supplying innovative technology with superb customer service. Today’s weather stations are easy to use and provide reliable more .

Colour Weather Station for Schools

Many professions and hobbies benefit from having weather information at their fingertips with equipment from La Crosse Technology. School children learn about physics, technology, and geography as well as the weather with our technology. A more .

La Crosse Technology Provides a Variety of Weather Station Equipment

La Crosse Technology has been industry leaders in weather station equipment for almost three decades. We provide devices online and work closely with over 200 retailers to suit your needs. Whether you are an amateur weather enthusiast or you more .

Who Needs a Handheld Wind Anemometer?

La Crosse Technology offers a variety of electronic weather devices including a handheld wind anemometer to measure wind speeds. We provide cutting-edge technology to give you the most reliable devices on the market. Some professional careers and more .

Get Sophisticated Weather Readings Right from Your Backyard: Buy a Wireless, Wifi Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Forecasting

We’ve all been there: you plan your day based on a forecast from the local TV news station or the weather app on your phone, only to find that those forecasts were all wrong. The temperature where you are is at least five degrees warmer or colder than more .

Monitor Your Home from Afar with Wifi Temperature Humidity Sensors and Other Home Monitoring Technologies

Leaving your home behind for weeks or months at a time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Perhaps you are going on a lengthy road trip across Australia. Maybe you have a vacation property hundreds of kilometres from your regular home. Or perhaps more .